Friday, 27 January 2017

Users of BHIM App Shows Security Concerns While Online Money Transaction

BHIM App Users Shows Security Concerns: After releasing the app, Indian government got applauds for releasing the app. But there is a great concern over the security of the app. After the app was released, it made over 5 million downloads and 7 million transactions. This gives us that the app is backed up by government and we can securely make transactions. But is it true?


Many users has shown their disappointment on the BHIM app on social media, blaming the government for launching the app in a haste without testing it properly. BHIM was launched on December 30 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to promote digital or cashless transactions using the Unified Payments Interface (UPI), a bank-to-bank fund transfer system backed by the Internet and smartphones, using phone numbers linked to banks.

On Wednesday, a user of the app tweeted he was receiving spam payment requests. He also suggested the developers of the app enable an option to block unknown payment addresses to protect the users from losing money if they accept the request unknowingly. There were many other issues which users were stating regarding this BHIM App. So here are the list of issues which users are facing over security concern.

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Here are the issues which are concerned over BHIM App:
  • The bugs on User Interface: The UI looks simple but the bugs on it make it much difficult for the users to make use of the app.

  • Freezing of Payment Page: Many users were reporting the app was freezing in the payment page. The payments has to be more secure but the users couldn't know what is the status of transaction as the payment page is freezing.

  • No OTP Received: OTP is not coming to some of the mobiles even after registering the mobile number. If you don't receive any OTP, it won't give you access to any of the services provided.

  • Multiple OTP: The app users may receive several OTP's which may result in unsuccessful registration of the mobile number.
On Tuesday, Kant had tweeted that around 1.5 million bank accounts had already been linked with the app and more than 1.4 million payment addresses been created. Within two days of its launch, the BHIM app became the top free app on Google PlayStore.


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