Friday, 20 January 2017

How To Link Multiple Bank Accounts in BHIM App to Send or Receive Money

How to Use Multiple Bank Accounts in BHIM App : In current interface of bhim app you are only allowed to link one bank account. This is why many people ask can they link multiple bank account in their bhim app interface, but that’s not possible in current version. However, it is expected that NPCI will allow multiple accounts linking in future version of the app because it is the most demanded feature by millions of users.


The reason why app is initially supporting one bank account is because of the developers wanted it to be clean and simple to use, which is mere speculation because we have not heard from the developers on this issue after the launch of bhim app. It only allows one account linking function at the moment but it will be increased to multiple accounts in future as expected.

When you first download, install and setup the account for the first time, it binds your device with the app and mobile number. It also ask you to link a bank account as default one that you will use for sending and receiving money. In case you want to change it to other bank account, you can go to menu and select other bank account to set it as default account in bhim app.

With the default account setup any money you will send or receive will be credited or debited from your main default account. Therefore, select an account that you are sure of using for transactions.

How to Send Money To Anyone Using BHIM App?

Yes. Anyone can send and receiving payment using the BHIM App in few seconds. To send money to a receiver, you must have a UPI enable bank account and it should be linked in the BHIM App.

For sending payments through mobile phone using bhim app, you have to register for UPI PIN for the bank account used in the app. For that you can setup UPI PIN by providing debit card details. Go to main menu and select the bank account and there you have an option to set the UPI PIN.

If the payment receiver’s bank account is also linked UPI, then you just need their payment address or mobile number to send money instantly. Or else if you have their IFSC code, bank account number or MMID, you can still send them money through the bhim app.

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