Friday, 20 January 2017

How Fast Is A Transaction Where Completed Using Bhim App

Transaction Using BHIM UPI App : People who have never used UPI based system to transfer money often wonder how much time it takes for a transaction to complete with Bharat Interface for Money App. Short answer for that would be as fast as a money transfer can get. Given it is a UPI based app, transactions happen in real time and it is direct bank to bank money transfer that takes only few seconds to complete depending server request time.


All transactions happen instantly and money transfer is displayed in your account immediately after transaction is completed. So the whole process takes few seconds only. It may delay at times due to slow server response or some other internet related issues, but generally it very fast.

How Much Time it takes to send and receive Money Using BHIM App?

It takes only few seconds to send and receive money and transactions are reflected in account transaction section instantly.

It is lot more easier and convenient compared to digital wallets because it is based on UPI that is more advanced and bank to bank transfer system. You don’t even have to fill in those long bank account details and codes again and again with BHIM, because the mobile number works as a virtual payment address.

You can directly make bank transfers using the BHIM App in your mobile and instantly accept payments using your mobile number or set virtual payment address in the app.

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