Friday, 20 January 2017

BHIM App Transaction Failed ? Best Time to Send / Receive Payments by BHIM App

BHIM App Timings for Money Transactions With Out Any Issues : People have a perception that bhim app works just like a local branch with working hours timing and limits for making transactions. Answer to that is no, because with bhim app you can transfer money 24 hours without any timing limits. All payments, be it receiving or sending are completed instantly and are 24/7.


Regardless of your bank’s working hours, there is no time bound limit on making money transfer transactions with bhim app. No matter what the time is, you can send money to anyone and receive it anytime with just few taps in the interface of app.

The future is digital payment because it eliminates the need of visiting local bank branch to deposit cheques and cash payment. Then it takes hours if not days to credit the money in receiver’s account. However, with bhim app, everything is done instantly and payments are made faster than ever before.

Some Times BHIM APP Transaction Failing Why?


Many users report error message about their UPI transactions are failing. They constantly get decline for some reason and the receiver won’t receive the sent transaction. So, why does that happen? Well, UPI transactions fail due to several reason and one of them is wrong UPI PIN entered or an incorrect payment address entered.

If you do lot of online shopping, you can pay using the UPI option at number of eCommerce websites that provide UPI as an option for payments. To pay using bhim app, you can click on UPI payment option on the website and then enter your payment address (ex: abc123@upi). Once you have entered the payment address, you will immediately receive a payment collect request on your mobile’s bhim app interface. Now you just have to enter the UPI PIN and the payment will be completed.

There are various reason why your payments transaction might be failing or declining. If the error messages keep coming, you should contact bhim app’s support team to address the issue.

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