Friday, 20 January 2017

BHIM App Money Sent For Transaction But Not Received Payment in My Account

Sent Money Using BHIM App But Not Received in My Account:   In some money transfers using the bhim app you may have paid for the transaction but have not received anything which is unusual and happens in rare case scenarios. So why does that happen? Once a transaction is completed, generally it immediately shows a success status in the bhim app interface and you also receive an SMS from your bank. However, in some cases due server load issues or other issues at operator’s end, it may take longer time than usual.


Taking time to show success status is normal and in worst cases it should display the status within one hour which is the maximum wait limit. If you have not received confirmation within 1 hour, then you should immediately contact your bank’s customer support to enquire about the issue.

You can provide the transaction id to the bank and ask whey the notification is not delivered as yet. You can also check with them whether payment is completed successfully or not.

 How To Check BHIM App Transaction History ?

If you are wondering how to check the transaction history of a bank account in bhim app interface, then it is very simple. Simple go to app’s home screen, and there you have an option tab for ‘Transaction History’. Tap on that and it will show your all the past and pending transaction details that you have initiated using the bhim app.

If you need detailed transaction information, we recommend downloading your bank statement or get your bank passbook updated. It will provide more insightful and updated information about all the sent and received transaction from bhim app.

This , is a good step by the Government of India by making it easier to use Digital currency for payments.If you want just one app for all your banking activities, you can opt for bank-run UPI apps.

So it was all about, how you can Download BHIM app for android. So what do you think about this android app? Don’t forget to share your opinion about this app in the comments section below. If you find this article interesting and informative.

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