Thursday, 19 January 2017

BHIM App Not Working in Android ? Here is the Answers for all the Problems

BHIM App Not Working Problems You Face While Using: BHIM App is one of the top apps in play store downloaded by more than 7 million people. There are more than 5 million transactions which happened since its release in the first week. Besides these, there are many other issues which users will face while installing or using the application from your android devices. It is also coming to iOS users this week or next week. So here are the issues and fixes that you can use for BHIM App.


Device Binding Failed Error In BHIM App:

Device Binding failed error occur mostly with the dual sim users. When you have a dual sim and the registered mobile number is not in the mobile or in the first sim slot then you will receive an error. To fix this error place the sim card with the number connected to your bank account into sim slot 1. It can also happen if you have low RAM or low storage available. In that case close other running apps to free up the RAM, or delete unused apps and media to make storage space free.

Not receiving the OTP In BHIM App:

As the app is new and didn't go testing under many situations, the main thing you will be having is because of the server load failure. So you won't be receiving any OTP soon. If you didn't receive OTP for a transaction, it must be mostly because of the high loads on the servers- something you can't do anything about. Of course using the app at non-peak hours helps.

Declined Transaction In BHIM App:

Users worry about the transactions which is the main thing they use the app for. So, If you get an error showing ' Declined Transaction',then what you do is something which you do with games. Closing the app and reopening again will do the trick. However, make sure there is free RAM by closing the other apps running in the background.

Transaction Limit In BHIM App:

You must be also aware that there is a cap on the amount you can transfer. There is a limit of Rs. 10,000 per transaction. Additionally, there is a cap of Rs. 20,000 per day.

How to Use BHIM App:

BHIM App is interoperable with other Unified Payment Interface (UPI) applications, and bank accounts. BHIM is developed by the National Payment Corporation of India (NPCI). BHIM is made in India and dedicated to the service of the nation. This app is available for Indians only. Main purpose of creating this app is to minimise the use of cash in the Indian society. This app is named after Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar, who had sacrificed his whole life for Dalits and the poor.

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This Android Based App is Available in Play Store Download and Register With your bank account and set a UPI PIN for the bank account. Your mobile number is your payment address (PA), and you can simply start Transactions. Yes! It is that simple.

Features of BHIM App:
  • Check Balance: You can check your bank balance and transactions details on the go.
  • Custom Payment Address: You can create a custom payment address in addition to your phone number.
  • QR Code: You can scan a QR code for faster entry of payment addresses. Merchants can easily print their QR Code for display.
  • Transaction Limits: Maximum of Rs. 10,000 per transaction and Rs. 20,000 within 24 hours.
  • Language supported: Hindi and English. More languages coming soon!
So I think we Covered Most of the Bhim App Not Working Problems full details in this blog post, Even If you any query or New Problems which You Face after Using BHIM APP Which are not listed in our post so please mention in a comment section. I will try to give you better information.

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