Friday, 20 January 2017

BHIM App Available Non Android Phones – Does It Work For Any Normal Mobiles?

BHIM App For Feature Phones : The BHIM App is developed to work on Android, iOS and smartphones. Even though it is currently available for Android only, but it will be launched soon launched for iOS. Like any other android app, The BHIM gives an easy method of payment and fund transfer. It has the following basic features of a UPI app.


I recommend that any person who has not used any other app, should start with this app. This app would give the experience of UPI app payment. If you need some more features then only you should try other UPI apps. Those, who are using other UPI apps, should also try the BHIM. Because, you would definitely like its ease and simplicity.

Does BHIM App Work on Feature Phones?

A general question people ask that can you use the BHIM App on a feature phones that doesn’t have android os? Answer for that is yes.

BHIM App’s interface can be used in a feature phone by using the USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) functionality on feature phones. For this you can dial *99# on any feature phone and it will give you access to use the USSD to be able to use the app like you can on an Android phone.

USSD method on a feature phone is developed for those who have basic feature phones and do not have internet connectivity. It does not require your phone to be connected with internet to access the bhim app’s interface. It gives you access to use the core functionality of the app to easily send and receive payments.

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