Friday, 20 January 2017

Bank Name Selected In Bhim App But Can’t Find My Bank Account

Cant Find My Bank Account in Bhim App : BHIM App Bank Account Details – Do You Need To Provide It For Registration. When your first download and install the bhim app and go registration process, it ask you to provide debit card number, expired date and mobile number linked to the bank account. You do not have to provide the bank account number, branch name, IFSC code or any other details. BHIM App pre-fetch all the details from your bank account by using the mobile number.


The information and details fetching procedure is done by the server over secure banking networks, therefore you don’t have to worry about the security of your bank account details. BHIM App does not store any of these provided details related to bank account, so your information is safe.

Also, make sure you do not provide debit/atm card number, expiry date, cvv number, UPI PIN or OTP to anyone because your bank support would never ask for these details. Keep all these details safe with you and never share it with anyone claiming to call on behalf of bhim app developers or the bank.

Bank Name Selected In Bhim App But Can’t Find Bank Account

Some users report that they have selected the bank name in the list provided by the bhim app interface to link with UPI, but the app does not find the bank account details. That happens when wrong mobile number is used to verify bhim app. You need to make sure that the mobile number you are going to use to verify the app, should be already linked to your bank account, otherwise the app won’t be able to pre-fetch your account details from database of the bank.

So, if you have used a mobile number that is not the same one you have provided your bank for registration, bhim app will not be able to get your account details. That happens because UPI system scans and fetch bank account details with the provided mobile number of the user.

One important thing to note that at the moment only savings and current account types are supported in bhim app to send and receive payments. Other bank account types such as demat, salary, etc are not yet supported.

You don’t really have to worry about whether your bank will be supported by the app or not because sooner or later all the banks will make adjustments to be included in UPI platform so that they can be part of the bhim app.

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